I-130 OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Here is the printed instruction page so you can fill out the I-130 by number on an email send it to us and make it easier for us to type and print your form exactly for you at a lower price than the competitors.

Page 1 of the I-130 instructions

Page 2 of the I-130 instructions

Page 3 of the I-130 instructions

Page 4 of the I-130 instructions

Page 5 of the I-130 instructions

Page 6 of the I-130 instructions

Page 7 of the I-130 instructions

Below is the Form I-130 that we will type out according to your hand written sample. The forms we normally get from customers are 85% correct. We make the final adjustment to make them get approved quicker . You can number the lines on an email. Page 2 is below

Below is the first page of the I-130 form.    

Below is page number 2 of the I-130.

Just answer the questions send them to us by email isabelcwalker@yahoo.com and give us your phone number and we will call you free.



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   National Bank Arizona
   I have posted this here because of my respect for the National Bank of Arizona. Their courtesy and performance is second to none.This bank charges less for withdrawing money from an ATV in Mexico than any other bank. I have friends in Texas that have accounts with NBArizona for that reason. Call 800 497 8168 and in Ajo, Az 520 387 2200.

Desert Title is Great
   They can handle all of your MVD Arizona experiences in their office without you having to wait in line. 5671 N Oracle Rd # 1107, Tucson, AZ 85704 Say Hi to Albert.
(520) 293-2933
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 Fry's Food & Drug       

Fry’s food stores support my lifetime concepts of Honesty, Respect and Courtesy so I support them and the way they will treat you.

IT HAS BEEN MY EXPERIENCE with the drug cartels on both sides of the border the Administrators and the people who are in charge are responsible business men and I respect that.
-- Harvard University --
Harvard University Charter Mexicans also still lack faith in their elected representatives. Gallup conducted its annual survey 2007-2012, with the highest ratings of trust in the national government coming in 2009 to a meager 45%. Pew Research Center also reports that 65% of Mexican corruption is listed as a "very big problem" in this country. Leer mas